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Can Psychedelic Therapy Help with Depression and Anxiety?

Explore the transformative potential of psychedelic therapy in alleviating depression and anxiety as experts delve into the mechanisms behind these effects and provide insights into what to anticipate from the treatment.

Last Resort? Psychedelic Therapy and Treatment-Resistant Depression

Discover the compelling journey of individuals with treatment-resistant depression who have exhausted all options and find hope in psychedelic therapy as the ultimate last resort that brings about transformative change, shedding light on the power and potential of this groundbreaking approach.

Psychedelic Therapy for PTSD

Gain profound insights into the unique challenges faced by individuals with PTSD, as experts delve into the fascinating potential of psychedelic therapy to untangle entrenched neural pathways and alleviate the burdens of stress and fear, offering new avenues for healing and recovery.

Which Psychedelic Therapy Approach Works Best for Anxiety?

Uncover the remarkable impact of psychedelic therapy in liberating individuals from the relentless grip of anxiety, as experts shed light on the potential of this transformative approach to break free from the neurological constraints of chronic fear, offering hope and respite for those seeking relief.

How Psychedelic Therapy Can Help Ease Anxiety for Patients with an End-Stage Illness

Discover the profound impact of psychedelic therapy in addressing the end-of-life anxiety experienced by individuals with terminal illnesses, as experts explore how this transformative approach can provide a renewed perspective, fostering feelings of gratitude, love, and optimism that replace fear and anxiety, offering newfound solace and peace.

Psychedelic Therapy Eases Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Uncover the profound potential of psychedelic therapy in alleviating fear and anxiety experienced by cancer patients, as experts delve into how this transformative approach can offer relaxation, renewed hope, and increased optimism, empowering individuals to navigate their journey with greater resilience and peace of mind.

Psychedelic Therapy and Brain Injury -- What the Research Shows

Explore groundbreaking research on the potential of psychedelic therapy in promoting brain healing and recovery from brain injuries, as experts discuss how athletes and individuals with brain injuries are embracing these transformative approaches to enhance brain health and well-being, offering valuable insights into this emerging field of study.

Substance Abuse and Addiction -- How Psychedelic Therapy Can Help

Uncover the power of psychedelic therapy in liberating individuals from the grips of addiction, as experts explore compelling research illustrating how this innovative treatment empowers patients to break free and achieve lasting recovery, opening doors to renewed hope and possibilities.

Psychedelic Therapy Shows Promise for Treating Eating Disorders

Explore the potential of psychedelic therapy in breaking the destructive cycle of eating disorders and disordered eating, as experts shed light on how this approach offers liberation to individuals, predominantly women, empowering them to escape the grips of these challenges and embark on a path towards freedom and healing.

MDMA-Assisted Therapy Shows Dramatic Promise for PTSD

Discover the groundbreaking potential of MDMA-assisted therapy, which has recently undergone clinical trials for treating PTSD and is on the verge of becoming accessible within the next year or two. Gain valuable insights into why MDMA is uniquely positioned to address PTSD, offering new hope and possibilities for effective treatment.

MDMA-Assisted Therapy for Supporting Successful Couples Therapy

Explore the promising potential of MDMA-assisted therapy as an adjunct to couples therapy, enabling couples to navigate and resolve challenges without triggering anger or hostility. Gain valuable insights into how this innovative approach can foster greater harmony and understanding, offering new avenues for couples seeking transformative growth and deeper connection.

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy -- A Legal and Accessible Alternative

Uncover the unique advantages of ketamine therapy, renowned for its high efficacy in treating depression, and its legality and easy accessibility in the United States. Explore the different modalities of ketamine therapy, offering convenient and effective treatment options for individuals seeking relief.

Should You Do Ayahuasca for Depression and Anxiety? What You Need to Know

Delve into the fascinating realm of ayahuasca, a sacred plant medicine originating from the Amazon jungle, renowned for its potential in treating various mood disorders. Gain insights into the mechanisms behind ayahuasca's therapeutic effects and discover the ideal candidates who can benefit from this transformative experience.

How Do You Access Psychedelic Therapy Safely and Legally in the United States?

Explore the ever-changing landscape of psychedelic therapy as laws continue to evolve, while gaining a comprehensive understanding of decriminalization, state and federal legalization, and their impact on accessing psychedelic therapy in the United States. Empower yourself with essential knowledge to navigate this progressive field.

How Do You Access Psychedelic Therapy Safely and Legally in Central America?

Discover the allure of Central America as a destination for accessing safe and effective psychedelic therapy, as experts shed light on the process and guide you in accessing transformative experiences while navigating the unique opportunities offered in this region.

Working with a Psychedelic Therapist Remotely -- A New Paradigm

Explore the innovative approach of working with psychedelic therapists remotely, utilizing video apps like Zoom, as a viable option for individuals residing in areas where psychedelics remain illegal, providing an opportunity to embark on transformative journeys while adhering to local regulations and embracing the possibilities of virtual guidance.

Set and Setting: Making Your Environment Conducive to a Good Journey

Discover the key elements of crafting an optimal set and setting for your psychedelic therapy journey, as experts delve into the crucial interplay between your state of mind and your surroundings, providing invaluable guidance on creating an environment conducive to a transformative experience while highlighting potential pitfalls to avoid.

Pre- and Post-Journey Work: The Importance of What Comes Before and After Your Psychedelic Journey

Enhance the therapeutic value of your psychedelic journey by acknowledging the significance of pre- and post-journey coaching or therapy. Explore the essential aspects of thorough preparation and integration, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your experience for maximum benefit and personal growth.

What Therapists and Healthcare Practitioners Need to Know About Patient Use of Psychedelics

Gain vital knowledge to support your clients or patients who engage in therapeutic psychedelic use, equipping yourself as a healthcare practitioner with the necessary insights and understanding of potential risks, enabling you to provide comprehensive and informed support within your professional practice.

How to Become a Psychedelic Guide and Set Up a Service Center in the US

Embark on an informative journey with Myles Katz as he offers invaluable guidance on navigating the evolving legal landscape of psychedelic therapy in the United States, empowering you with the essential knowledge and insights necessary for pursuing a career as a guide or opening your own psychedelic therapy center.

Veterans and Psychedelic Therapy: Special Considerations

Explore the distinctive journey of veterans and unlock the promising possibilities of psychedelic therapy in addressing their mental health concerns. Discover how veterans can access this transformative modality and embark on a path towards healing and renewed well-being.

Risks with Psychedelic Therapy and Who Is Not a Good Candidate

Discover crucial considerations for the safe and responsible use of psychedelic therapy, including contraindications for individuals with genetic predispositions, specific medical conditions, or certain medications. Explore alternative therapeutic options and make informed decisions tailored to individual needs and well-being.

Not Always the Magic Bullet: A Patient with Stage 4 Cancer Speaks About Her Psychedelic Experiences

Gain insights from Esther Burns, a stage 4 cancer patient, as she candidly shares her personal experience with psychedelic therapy for anxiety related to her prognosis. Learn about the limitations and potential interactions with cancer drugs to make informed decisions about incorporating psychedelic therapy into your treatment plan.

What to Know About the Possibility of a "Bad Trip"

Demystify the concept of a "bad trip" as we debunk the lingering myths and explore the transformative potential hidden within these challenging psychedelic experiences. Discover why a "bad trip" can offer valuable insights and growth opportunities on your psychedelic journey.

Which Psychedelic Is Best for You?

Navigate the diverse landscape of therapeutic psychedelics as we explore the unique properties, effects, and applications of ketamine, ayahuasca, psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, and more. Gain clarity on the similarities and differences between these substances to make an informed decision about which one aligns best with your therapeutic goals.

Psychedelic Therapy and Happiness, Self-Esteem, and Personal Success

Discover the transformative effects of psychedelics on happiness, self-esteem, and personal success as we delve into the mechanisms behind the increased well-being and lasting positive changes that many individuals experience. Uncover the factors contributing to this glow and explore the potential for long-term transformation in your own life.

What You Need to Know About Brain Health to Optimize Your Psychedelic Experience

Unlock the power of psychedelic therapy by combining it with essential knowledge about brain health. Discover how optimizing your brain health practices can enhance the effectiveness of psychedelic therapy and contribute to long-lasting improvements in conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Micro-Dosing: Easing into Therapeutic Benefits Without the Psychoactive Properties

Explore the fascinating world of microdosing, a popular and non-psychoactive form of psychedelic therapy. Discover the science behind its effectiveness and gain practical insights on how to incorporate microdosing into your therapeutic journey.
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Meet Your Summit Host - Zappy Zapolin
Zappy is driven by his belief that psychedelic medicine is the most powerful tool available to quickly raise consciousness and alter humanity’s direction down a destructive path. He has made it his life's mission to increase accessibility to psychedelic compounds through education, media, research, clinical development, and commercial enterprises.

Considered one of the foremost experts in psychedelic therapies and companies, Zappy and his work have been featured in Forbes, Vice, Good Morning America, People magazine, Business Insider, and more.

Today, Zappy is often called on to help celebrities, business icons, and their family members have a conscious transformation – earning him the moniker “psychedelic concierge to the stars.”
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